One of life’s greatest joys is raising babies to be happy, healthy, bright little stars, or little ‘étoiles’, as they say in French.​ The health and wellbeing of children and their families are at the heart and soul of our company, as we carefully curate premium quality products for the first 1000 days and beyond. ​

Little Étoile is committed to partnering with parents and families at every step of the way on their special journey, from conception, through to pregnancy and early life. Through our premium ranges of nutritional and topical care products, along with educational resources designed to instill an appreciation for family, nature, and the environment, we aim to provide a complete and comprehensive level of care to support physical, functional, and emotional development. ​

Driven by over 20+ years of scientific and pharmaceutical expertise, we provide what we believe to be the crème de la crème of early life nutritional and topical care, helping to keep our little étoiles happy, healthy, and shining bright from inside and out!​

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is at the Heart of Everything we do


Complies with Max Biocare’s stringent, pharmaceutical based, time-tested Quality Management System ​


Adopts Max Biocare’s strict pharmaceutical based R&D process, with multiple validation points​


Adheres to compulsory requirements & employs additional voluntary testing beyond routine checks

Shine Inside & Out

Nurturing Generations of Little Stars

Science & Research

Our commitment to children’s nutrition rests on our methodical and critical evidence-based approach. We are also dedicated to helping you understand the science and research behind what makes your little stars shine.

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of our Research & Development team are doctorate level scientists

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years of combined expertise in Biosciences, Pharmaceuticals, Nutrition Sciences, Medicines & Integrative Therapies

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international markets where we have operations, products distribution, and support

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of our revenue is re-invested into our product research & development process and education

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Our Group

Specialised in healthcare with over 20 years of experience in providing premium supplements and pharmaceutical products.

A multidisciplinary hub that incorporates clinical research practices, educational resources and clinical services, dedicated to Max Biocare’s ethos of using an evidence-based approach to improving health and wellbeing.

Providing broad-based clinical services, including consultation available by qualified expertise in Nutrition, Dietetics, Integrative therapies and Natural Medicines.

A family of dermatologically tested and clinically trialled cosmetic products, designed to help you looking your best, as an integral part of feeling and living at your best.