Nutrition tips for 6-8 month old babies

When your baby is around the age of 6 months, it is important to introduce suitable solids to satisfy his nutritional needs. It is at this age when breastmilk and/or formula doesn’t provide all the calories and nutrients your little one needs. Here are 5 signs that will tell you whether your baby is ready for solids

Nutrition tips for 8-10 month old babies

When your baby reaches 8 months of age, he is most likely ready for finger foods. Finger foods are foods that babies can pick up and eat by themselves. Since finger foods are small/bite-sized foods that are soft and diced, your little one won’t need their teeth to chew it. Your baby’s gum should be strong and have no trouble mashing the finger foods. However, it is important you look out for the signs that will tell you your little one is ready. Look out for these 5 signs

Nutrients your growing bub needs!

All growth and body functions require dietary nutrients to work optimally. Some of the most biologically necessary nutrients for babies (and adults!) depend entirely on dietary intake, as the body is not able to produce these nutrients on its own.