Why you should choose organic for your bub?

Babies and toddlers go through dramatic growth and cognitive development in the first two years of life, a process dependent on adequate nutrition and a healthy environment. Organic food contains higher nutrient levels, including higher levels of antioxidants, with fewer harmful substances

Constipation in babies

Just like adults, baby’s bowel movements can differ from one baby to the next. Within the first three months of life, infants can pass anywhere from 5 to 40 bowel motions per week. Constipation in babies involves changes in the texture and consistency of the stools, as well as the frequency at which they are produced.

Developmental milestones and nutrition for babies aged 6-12 months

Brain development continues at a rapid rate and continues developing until about 3 years of age. Myelination that started during gestation continues, helping the brain develop the flexibility needed for electrical impulses involved in neurotransmission. Neurotransmitter synthesis is active during this time and is involved in the development of baby’s reward centre in the brain which effects mood and behaviour. The hippocampus continues to develop improving baby’s recognition and memory