Health Issues

Bone problems in infants and children

Bones provide the frame for the growing body and while it is a solid structure, it is a living system that removes old bone and replaces it with new bone. Bones grow in size and increase their density during this period because more bone mineral is being deposited than removed.

Zinc deficiency in infants  (6-12 months)

Zinc is an essential nutrient in the immune system, where it is used to by many of the processes in the bloodstream that become active in combating infections, including increased production of white blood cells . It also protects the intestinal walls from infections. Zinc has direct antiviral effects and supports the activation of antioxidant defenses in damaged tissues.

Malnutrition and cognitive problems (2-6 years)

From global studies in over 150 countries, it has been reported that the two most important factors affecting the cognitive development of children under 5 years, are stunting (lack of growth due to malnutrition) and living in poverty . In 2004 alone, over 200 million children in South Asia and Southern Africa fell into this category.