Our Commitments

Evidence-based approach, through rigorous research

Our starting point of developing any new product is Science and Research

We dedicate a substantial and growing budget to ongoing research and development, from research on new ingredients, to clinical trials on our products.

Our commitment to children’s nutrition rests on our methodical and critical evidence-based approach. Regardless of which products or areas of health and nutrition we are involved in, our product development follows the same rigorous and proven process.

Max Biocare Institute has been involved in various research projects with the aim of developing the best products possible for our loved ones, as well as our consumers.

We are also dedicated to helping you understand the science and research behind what makes your little stars shine.


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Uncompromising Safety and Quality Management

At the heart of everything we do is quality – we are committed to providing safe and effective products for our consumers.

Our safety and quality standards are second to none. We employ the same stringent standards of evidence-based, pharmaceutical principles to whichever products we offer, wherever they are made available. We also take additional voluntary measures to ensure the safety, quality, and nutritional composition of our products.

Our quality management system is implemented throughout the entire process, from a methodical & critical evidence-based development phase led by our research team, right through to post-market surveillance, to enable product and process improvement and optimization.

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The team behind Little Étoile believes in a sustainable future for all our little stars!

By investing in sustainable production methods from the farming and ingredient stages right through to the finished product, and maintaining ethical practices, we are paving the way for a brighter future for all.

Find out more about our sustainability program at Little Étoile Sustainability Campaigns