Safety and Quality Management

Our safety and quality standards are second to none. We employ the same stringent standards of evidence-based, pharmaceutical principles to whichever products we offer, wherever they are made available. We also take additional voluntary measures to ensure the safety, quality, and nutritional composition of our products.

Our quality management system is implemented throughout the entire process, from a methodical and critical evidence-based development phase led by our research team, right through to post-market surveillance, to enable product and process improvement and optimisation.

Little Étoile’s quality control process

Safe & Suitable Nutrients for Each Age Group

Little Étoile only chooses nutrients that have been proven in scientific research to be suitable and safe for children at each specific age group. We do not include nutrients or ingredients without screening them for supporting evidence related to specific age groups.

Additionally, all our products are:

  • Free from growth stimulating hormones or peptides
  • Non-GMO
  • Naturally tasty, with no added sugar (Sucrose)
  • Free from added preservative, colour, artificial flavour – no nasties

High Quality Ingredients

We are extremely fussy when it comes to what goes into our products. Nutrition starts with ingredient selection, so we focus heavily on quality standards.

Premium sources of raw materials

Even though most of the raw materials used as ingredients in our products are sourced from Australia, this choice is more than just about supporting local – it is also based on quality considerations.

  • Firstly, we make sure that the source of materials comply with a rigorous qualification process. This means only selecting suppliers who put quality in front of everything else, using their own quality process.
  • Secondly, we prefer to work with operators who share the same mindset with us in practicing sustainable processes and objectives.
Grass-fed Australian cow’s milk

All our formula products use premium Australian milk from grass-fed cows, which is rich in many nutrients essential for our little stars. Research shows that milk from grass-fed cows has a better nutritional profile compared to milk from conventionally fed cows.

To find out more about grass-fed cows milk

Certified Organic composition

We search the world over for the best ‘Certified Organic’ ingredients to be used in our baby food pouches. These materials are accepted by ACO (Australian Certified Organic), the largest certifier of organic and biodynamic produce in Australia, and internationally accepted. Certified organic ingredients are naturally nutritious, safe, and free from harmful chemicals and GMO’s.

For more information on our Organic Certified Products.

Stringent Quality Assurance & Control System

With experience gained through 20+ years in pharmaceutical and nutrition quality management, Max Biocare implements an established, stringent quality control system that complies not only with applicable regulations but includes further voluntary testing protocols. These extra precautions ensure the quality, safety and nutritional composition of all our products.

Batch Verification & Testing

Product Tracing

Little Étoile implements a batch tracing system that enables consumers to identify and verify the origin of each package they buy. A unique QR code is created, linked to the tracing system and printed at the bottom of every product.

Consumers can simply scan the QR code using a scanning device or mobile phone to verify the authenticity and obtain more information about the product they have purchased.

Step 1

Open a QR code reader or app on your mobile device. Hold your device steady for 2-3 seconds towards the unique QR code on the base of the tin.

Step 2

Once the QR code is scanned, you will be taken to our Little Étoile’s verification platform.

Step 3

Powered by advanced algorithms and cryptography, Little Étoile’s verification platform assures you of your product’s provenance and authenticity.

Toxicity Control

3-MCPD & GE content

In addition to the standards set out by Food Authorities where our products are supplied, Little Étoile voluntarily adds 3-MCPD and GE control to the list, for our infant nutrition formulas, toddler formulas, and growing-up milk drinks. For further information, click here.

Heavy metal content

While testing of certain heavy metals in infant formulas and milk drinks is required by food authority regulations, there is no regulation requiring baby food to be tested for heavy metal contamination. Despite this, all Little Étoile batches of baby foods are tested for 4 key heavy metals: mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium – before being released to consumers. For further information, click here.

Allergen management

Little Étoile Organic has made a commitment to be free from the top 8 allergens, namely: egg, gluten, milk (except in custard varieties), peanut, soy, crustacea, sesame, and fish. For further information, click here.

Nutritional integrity

Little Étoile’s rigorous quality system is applied to all stages, from control of raw material ingredients to checking manufacturing processes, to determining product stability. This is done in a similar way to Max Biocare’s medicinal products. This is how we ensures we deliver the nutrition promises on each of our baby food and formula labels.